Sir Alex Ferguson is the best manager of all time in any sport, even in the American World. On Wednesday Sir Alex announced that after 26 years he has decided to hang up the cleats and retire. Immediately afterwards fan thought who next but before we think about that let just look at a man who completely revitalized Manchester United into the most storied club in England.
The year is 1986 united officials are looking for a new manager after their performance in the pervious English one division was 4th in the table and united fans it seemed couldn’t wait any longer It already had been 19 years since their last championship. During that 86 summer United looked and looked and decided it would take chance on Sir Alex Ferguson the current Aberdeen manager. When United fan heard this they thought he was not the right man however that was not the case according to the officials at united because of his past career at Aberdeen he was the perfect man to hire. While he was at Aberdeen Sir Alex began his philosophy of developing young players and transforming them into champions. From 1978 -1986 Aberdeen would see 10 championships one of which included the unthinkable European Super cup( UEFA Champions league). That same year that he won the European Super cup he was hired to be manager of a young Manchester team. In first four season of sir Alex the reds only made out of the top ten once. Then came 1990 when his young stars finally grew up and won the FA cup. Later season that united finished sixth but soon united fans knew that league trophy would come.
In the 1992 season United started what would become a dynasty and The players that led them to five straight premiership trophies would be the future for almost the next 10 -15 years. These players were David Beckham, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Andy Cole and Robbie Keene. When they won the league 1992 it was the first trophy at the top of the table in nearly thirty years however this was not his most amazing achievement. That would come in the year 1998.
Sir Alex best season as united coach was definitely the 98 season. During that year his young bloods became thriving players and played as if any thing was possible and never gave up. Towards the end year United were closing in on something unheard-of in England the Treble. The first step to this honor would be to win the FA cup semifinal against arsenal which they did in 2-0 victory. Then a week later united faced a huge task being 2-0 down in elimination game against Juventus. However just before the half United tied it at 2-2.As that game continued the minutes grew shorter but then Fergie time happened again when Andy Cole sent United into the Final. Now with the Treble in reach united had daunting task 3 games in 8 day span and all these games were for trophies. The first was the FA cup final that united won easily 2-0. Then came Champions league and in typical united fashion they fell down 1-0. As the game went fans became worried and felt the dream of the treble would be diminished. As Fergie time grew closer the manger made changes that would prove to be the his best decision at United. In the 90th minute his first sub Sheringham notched goal and tied the game. Then 2 minutes later Solskjaer brought the trophy home and became the first English team to win the Treble.
Ever since winning the Treble Fergie has become the great one. In recent days American reporters have been asked who was he was like in American sports. Some people say its Phil Jackson while other says its Wooden but there are few who say no one because of what he did. Which was take a team from the dead and bring them back to the best team anyone has seen. Lastly Fergie will be remembered for bringing youth and style that led to him a combine total of 38 trophies a record which will never be broken by any manager.