At the end of last season Robert Lewandowski became his own when he proved just how valuable he was to Borusssia Dortmund champion season by scoring 22 goals in league competition.

After that performance Broussia knew they had a special player at hand and if they gave him up it would be too costly. With Manchester United pursuing a striker they called for Borrussia’s Lewandowski  but got denied even at the price they were asking for. During this season Robert has proved why he is Borussia most valuable player especially when it comes UEFA champions league competitions. During these competitions he has come at teams to prove that Borusussia are just as good as the counter partner Bayern Munich.

Just last week Real Madrid and Barcelona were the predicted favorite to face each other at the UEFA champion’s league final however Borussia and Bayern were out to stop them and that they did. First came Bayern who gave a delivering 4-0 blow to Barcelona. During that game the Germans champs showed how to beat Barcelona by putting the ball in the air on cross high enough for the heads of Bayern players and not Barcelona because of how small their defenders are, When Robert Lewandowski saw the score he knew Bayern did their job and now it was time for his team to do theirs.

Before the game the announcers and fans questioned how Borrussia were going to stop Real Madrid. Little did they know the person controlling the game was not Ronaldo rather it was the polish international Robert Lewandowski. In the opening 10 minutes Lewandowski shut critics up and put his team up by one. As the games was going on Borrussia was Breaking Reals defense like it was nobody business with there passes and moves to net and although they did they could not score and as Ronaldo found and tied it before halftime. When they came out of the half Borrussia once again broke down Real defense with their poise and ease. Then as soon Real put high line on Borrusia Lewandowski struck again and put Borussia up 2-1. Then five minutes later Lewandowski showed his struts again when he stroke goal and got the hat trick and put Broussia up 3-1. Elven minutes late Broussia came attacking and could not stop Reus and because of that they fouled him in the 18 yard box and as result found themselves looking at a penalty shot. Now looking for his forth goal Lewandowski backed up and struck again as he led his team to victory and a 4-1 defeat.

After the game it had been reported that Manchester United was in pursuit of the striker again however Broussia will do everything they can to keep him this summer as he becomes a free agent. As for end of the UEFA semfinals the German clubs will win and Lewandowski will show he is the player of the year in UEFA and he will leads his team to champions league trophy.