The World cup is a time when Americans finally pay attention to the worlds game of  football or as Americans call it soccer.  For the past five world cups the station that has broadcasted the world cup has been ABC(ESPN).  That will change in 2018 when Fox will take over in Russia, after winning the bid to host the world cup over ESPN. Just this past week Fox revealed their color commentator for the world cup 2018 ,his is name Gus Johnson.

March Madness is time for buzzer beaters, upsets, thrillers, Cinderella’s and crowning  #1 in the land. The man behind all of these calls is the great Gus Johnson. When one often ask what makes March March in college basketball one can often say it is because of Gus’s Emphatic calls during March Madness. The other day when Fox revealed it would be Gus Johnson I freaked out and realized an American would play by play the world cup. At first I thought this was a terrible hire by fox an American does not deserve to call a world cup however I then realized just how far this game has come in 19 years since the world cup was hosted by USA. In reality the sport of football or soccer has grown so much in the US that it is no longer a sport that Americans call boring, because if that were the case the MLS would not be able to be around for 17 years, Soccer specific stadiums would not be formed soccer would not the forts choice for young children to play and Fox would not have their own soccer channel.

The fact of the matter is an American does deserve to be play by play commentator by the mere fact that this game grown so much and who better then Gus Johnson the man who the puts madness into march. Gus’s first big stage in the sport of soccer was in the champions league match on February 13th when Manchester United played Real Madrid and boy did he surprise a few when he showed people that American can not only commentate but could also put his own madness into the game of soccer. In 4 ½ years when the world cup is hosted by Russia some will say fox made mistake however I’m sure Gus will be ready and the world be watching and hearing the voice of the man who puts madness into March and transform into the Man put the madness into the world cup.

photo curtsey