When Robbie Rogers entered the game for the Los Angles Galaxy he and the Galaxy changed the American sport culture.

            In February Rogers retired because he announced he was gay and it didn't’t seem as if soccer or America were ready to let a man who was gay into their sport life. As months past Rogers started to miss the game and because of that he started to train. When people heard that he started to train they asked if he was coming back he said when the time is right but now I don’t see it happening. About month ago Bruce Arena invited Rogers to practice with the team. When fans heard this it became more clear that Rogers might come back however there was one slight problem Chicago Fire owned his rights.

Over past the two years the Galaxy have won back to back championships. One of the stars on this championship team was Mike Magee. Coming into this season Magee has been one of the most dominant players in the MLS playoffs. Know this Chicago knew that having him could help them win an MLS cup that they have not won for 15 years.  Over the past couple of weeks rumors started to swirl that the galaxy would trade Magee and get Rogers right however the Galaxy thought the price was bit to high. Until Magee expressed to the Galaxy that he wanted to play for his home team the fire. With a deal in place the Galaxy gave the Fire a call.This past Saturday night and the trade became a reality and Magee thanked the Galaxy for finally bringing him home. As for Rogers he said he would be glad to join the Galaxy and thanked them for their open environment.