Soccer staying Relevant

In the US soccer has become one of most growing sports, a far cry from it what once was in 1993 when FIFA award the US with 94 World cup under 2 conditions. The first condition was to grow the sport and the other to make a competitive soccer league in the US. Before the world cup was held in the US in 1990 the US men’s soccer team qualified for the 1990 world cup, this not only helped the  sport but it also got Americans to start watching this sport. However in 1991 when the women won world cup it seemed as if no one knew because when they came off the airplane no one was there to greet them and there was no screaming fans in the airport ready to congratulate them. This all changed in 1994 when the US surprised all of the countries and broke attendance records and as for the team they made out the group and went to the round of 16 where they would eventually lose to world cup winners Brazil. A year and Half later the MLS the was formed and until commissioner Garber came around the league seamed as if it was going to fold and would never survive until he came around made into a booming league.

            In 1998 everything changed when Don Logan left do to his fear of league folding due to a finical crises. However this did not happen and a new Commissioner was named his  name was Don Garber. In the years since Don Garber has been named commissioner he has ultimately changed the sport and the league in America. Yesterday he became the first commissioner to hold a live press conference over the social media network.  In that press conference commissioner Garber addressed a lot of topics that deal with MLS now and in 2022. During the press conference he announced a 10 year plan and the mission of MLS for the next 10 years. The mission of the MLS over the next 10 years “is to inspire North American soccer fans and players to make MLS their first league choice. In order to do that he said the league needs to cover 5 bases. These 5 basses were “the continued growth in the DP and great players on the field ,the new relationship with the USL youth development ,referees, and coaching. “  In order to make these 5 basses accomplished the MLS needs to make improvement in the quality of play which means that more teams beside Houston and LA need to find a way to get the championship and they also need to win CONCACAF champions league which commissioner Garber stressed in his press conference.

Overall out of all sports in America commissioner Garber has found a way to make soccer a relevant sport in America. One stat that amazed  the media and me is that they have players from 80 different countries who call MLS there home.  The other stat that needs to continue to grow is soccer specific stadiums which to date there 14 out the 19 teams in the MLS. Lastly what makes MLS different from all other leagues is that it he has made a sport that was once not paid attention to into a sport that is attended by an average of 19,00 which makes them 7th  in attendance  around the world. A far cry from what it once was 23 years ago.