History Made in Mexico

Sometimes in the sport of the soccer the best wins are ties, especially when it comes to Mexico VS. USA.

Azteca is a place where if you get a point you are happy. This is because of Mexico record at Azteca which the Mexican are 76-1 in WCQ matches. Going into Tuesday night’s game the Americans knew if they came out with a tie they would be happy but a win would be even better. Although, the win did not seem as if it was going to happen with an inexperienced back line, a midfield full of injuries and forwards struggling to get goals a win at Mexico’s sanctuary seemed impossible. However, in the past two WCQ games Mexico has failed to get a win, and both times have left with a tie. This meant going into the match Mexico had a must win situation. With the match in Azteca the Mexicans knew three points would be easy considering their record of 76-1 in CONCACAF WCQ matches. However, Tuesday night would be a different story.

If the Americans were going to get a point in Azteca the formation would be to use a  5-4-1. This meant five defensive players, four midfielders and one striker.

This formation is the best defensive formation in soccer because it allows the defense to cover more ground and it is easier to keep the ball away from your goal. Knowing this the Americans used this formation to the best of their advantage. From the beginning of the match the Mexicans seemed out –of-place and couldn’t connect on any of their passes. As for the Americans every pass they connected the Mexican defense was there to stop the ball from going into the net. As a result the score at half time would be 0-0. In the second half Mexico showed they weren’t leaving without three points by putting pressure on the American defense and corners. However, every time the Mexicans brought the ball down the field the Americans where there to stop it and when it came time to corner kicks, where the Mexicans had 14 the Mexican couldn’t connect. As for the Americans their offense fell asleep and possession fell mostly to the Mexicans. Even though the Mexicans possessed most of the ball most of the time they couldn’t score because they made the same mistake that they did in first half. That mistake was connection, which the Americans defense stopped every time they passed the ball. By the time the whistle blew the score read 0-0 and for the second time in US history the Americans came away with a point at Azteca and the first since 1997.

Overall if one had to grade the Americans over the past two games it would be a solid B + because of their stellar defense and goalkeeping. The simple reason the A is missing is because their offense only scored one goal in two matches. As for the men of the matches played for the Americans it would be Graham Zusi and Demarcus Beasly for their stellar defense and saving a goal. Lastly, looking back at Azteca the Americans fans came out happy while the Mexicans fan left sad and ready to boo their team. The next time they will play a home match the Mexican will be booed because of their terrible play that they displayed against the Americans. Which always feels good if you are an American.