In America sports the player of the year in a league gets the MVP (Most Valuable Player) award. In England most specifically the award is called player of the year. When I think about this award two people come to mind in the BPL. These people are Gareth Bale and Robert Van Persie.

            The stats that make Bale Player of the year are his 19 goals and his many beautiful set-ups to Dempsey and Defoe.  The other reason that Bale has player of the years status is because he has literally carried Tottenham. The best  example of this was in match yesterday when they played West Ham in the quest for 3rd place after Chelsea lost to Man City. During the game Bale was going through players with  poise and ease. This poise started in the 13th minute when he struck goal in the 13th minute. Then 12 minute later Tottenham defense was at fault again when they committed a foul in the box which led to a West  Ham penalty kick that resulted into a goal. Coming out of the half West Ham came attacking when they scored in the 53rd minute and kept control of the game until the 76th minute.  In that minute Gareth Bale came knocking when he help set up the tying goal. Then 14minutes later Gareth helped his team claim sole possession of 3rd place after his wonderlic goal, which sealed victory over west ham.

When people think of Gareth Bale this season they are comparing it to Christie Ronaldo season in 2007 -2008 when he Man u when champions and the BPL. When you look at that season that Ronaldo had he scored 42 goals and finished with winning the player in world football. In the end I could see Gareth Bale winning the player of the year as long as he keep his goals and as long as his teams wins Europa and qualifies champions League However if Man u wins the Treble that player of the year award will go to  Van Persie.

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