Sometimes when one plays a sport it’s not about the final score or the W next to your team name rather it how times you scored in the game. Yesterday in Milan this was the case because although Milan won 4-1 they still did not advance to the final 8 because of the away goal rule. However this was an amazing accomplished feat after abysmal of  a first game against the Tottenham Hotspurs.

In the first game Inter Milan got a taste of what the British Premier league teams are getting when they see Tottenham, Gareth Bale. Gareth Bale is essentially the MVP in the British Premier league and boy did he show that in the first game when no man could stop him. In the end he would tally one goal and one assist which would lead Tottenham to a 3-0 win. This 3-0 win meant that Tottenham were up 3 goals on aggregate going into Milan and pretty much saw themselves in the next round as long as they played defense.

In the second game Inter learned a lesson from the first game. This lesson was stop Bale and that they did and it showed because Inter came out on top and the Tottenham defense could not stop them. In the 20th minute they struck goal after keeping tremendous pressure on the defense until Palacio finally connected with Cassano who found the back of the net. After that Inter kept pushing but Tottenham’s defense kept them at bay and was able to go into halftime still up by two goals.

With momentum now shifted Inter struck again when Cambiasso found Palacio who put the ball weak side towards Friedel and the result ended in the back of the net. With Inter still down by a goal Inter still need to push if they wanted to find themselves in the next round and that they did but Tottenham defense was still able to keep them at bay until the 72nd minute when Cassano sent a free kick which deflected off of Willam Galas and the result an own goal and game tied. For the rest of the half neither team found net and because of that extra time was needed.

In the extra time Tottenham finally found there niche and knew one thing score one goal. In the 96th  minute Dembele dribbled like a man possessed and found himself creating space too take a shot but only to be denied, but the goalie left a juicy rebound for Adebayor and the result ended in the back of the net, and momentum now shifted once again. With Inter now down by 2 goals they knew they had to react quickly and they did 13 minutes later when Cambiasso found net and Inter was now down by 1. However that goal was to little to late  and at end Tottenham won on away goals. 

In the next round Tottenham now knows in order to stay defense is needed. They also know Gareth Bale cannot have a down game. In the end Tottenham now knows defense wins game.