With the arrival of the 2010 World Cup in a few short weeks comes the release of the FIFA World Cup video game created by EA Sports.

This game, put out by EA Sports every World Cup year, differs from the normal FIFA titles put out by the company. Instead of club teams being the major focus of the game, international teams highlight the show. The game includes some exciting features that are new to FIFA games.

  • Players can choose from 199 nations to play with.
  • All 10 of the official World Cup stadiums are available to play in.
  • Players that aren't used to playing in higher altitudes will fatigue quicker in games played in a location with a mountainous terrain.
  • Players can get injured outside of their national teams games and training.
  • Captain your Country mode allows you to control one player and lead a selected team to World Cup glory.
  • New penalty kick mode.
  • World Cup Qualifying Scenarios
  • Play a complete national team season, complete with full qualifying, friendlies, and the World Cup Finals.

This game is a must play for all soccer and World Cup fans. Wavin' Flag by K'naan, the official song of the 2010 World Cup is the first thing you here when you begin the game and really can get fans excited for the tournament and game. The commentary of Clyve Tyldesley and Andy Townsend give the game a great atmosphere.

The game play is solid and the stadiums look great. General game play seems more realistic (although this is usually improved every time a new game is put out).

One thing this version has that '06 had and FIFA usually doesn't is the players' ability to shoot. It seems like every goal scored on FIFA 10, FIFA 09, etc. would be just a tap in, one on one, or simple header. On these World Cup games, players rip from 30 yards out and get it on target. Much more spectacular goals are scored, making this World Cup game a must play.