The South African national team has some big shoes to fill this summer. Every nation that has hosted the World Cup has advanced to at least the second round and what better time for Bafana Bafana to reach the knockout stage for the first time then on their home soil.

South Africa has been to two previous World Cup's, both resulting in first round exits in 1998 and 2002.

While as host, the South African's were given an automatic bid to the tournament, Bafana Bafana decided to participate in qualifying as it also plays a role as preliminaries for the African Nations Cup. The supporters were dissapointed at he results as the team failed to qualify for the African Nations Cup.

The South Africans are led by former Brazilian coach Carlos Alberto Parreira, who led the Brazilians to glory in 1994 but failed miserably in Germany 2006. He is confident in his players and feels if the home crowd can get behind them, Bafana Bafana can make some noise. 

The team surely won't be the most experianced in the tournament, and they won't have the Premier League stars that other teams in the world or even in Africa, have. But, regardless of the outcome, the South Africans have drawn the first World Cup to African soil, a monumental event for soccer. And regardless of the outcome, everyone knows the South African fans will be blowing their Vuvuzelas until they are blue in the face in support of Bafana Bafana, their boys.   


Carlos Alberto Parreira

The former Brazilian coach will have a tall task in front of him in trying to advance South Africa to the latter stages of the tournament and he is hoping the home field advantage will play a huge roll in a run for Bafana Bafana.

Key Players-

Steven Pienaar

The most established international star for South Africa. He doesn't have much size but makes up for it with a high energy style of play and a tremendous work ethic. His precence will need to be felt in the Bafana Bafana midfield.

Aaron Mokoena

Although he plays midfield for Portsmouth, he will be lining up at center back for the South Africans.

Teko Modise

Has the potential to be one of the tournament's most explosive players from his center mid position. He did start playing professional soccer until he was 26.

2010 World Cup Schedule:

South Africa vs. Mexico, Johanesburg, South Africa, June 11th

South Africa vs. Uruguay, Pretoria, South Africa, June 16th

South Africa vs. France, Bloemfontein, South Africa, June 22nd

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